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Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts Part 4

The final boss fight with Gunsmith has arrived! We hit rock bottom but make an amazing comeback thanks to Starks friends and enemies. Check out the game here!

This document contains a complete Vampireville game walkthrough featuring annotated You can replay any completed chapter at anytime. To open the box, place the gears onto the spindles so that all are turning. When asking about Glenfield, you learn his Internet dating name is Black Macho!

Side Quests. If you’ve just recently come out of a cave where you fought vampires, be sure to check your Active Effects spells page. If you see that you’ve got the beginnings of the vampire disease, simply use a Cure Disease potion to rid yourself of the virus. However, if you go three days without curing the sickness, you’ll wake up from your next nap as a vampire. Now once you’re a full-blown vampire, there are essentially four stages of the disease. At the first stage Vampirism 25 , your character earns some stat boosts and turns a bit ugly.

You can still move about in daylight, and people are only mildly bothered by your appearance. At stage two Vampirism 50 , you start taking damage while in the sun. Don’t use fast travel unless it’s going to be night throughout your journey! You’ll earn some more powers, however, as many of your stats see increased boosts. The next two levels of vampirism Vampirism 75 and increase both the damage you take by sun and the stat boosts you gain from the disease.

It’s also worth nothing that as you progress through the stages of vampirism, your character looks older and older. Some players report that these aging effects are permanent, though in our experience it was hard to tell after we cured the disease.

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Privacy Terms. Desktop Forums Blog Support Patreon. Quick links. However, I was taken aback and amazed at all the choices this segment in the game offers you, so I started making a list to keep track of it. The longer it went, the more I felt like it should turn into a walkthrough for the specific part, with most of the choices covered in a not too detailed, spoileriffic way.

This is the walkthrough within Drogo’s Route 1 Walkthrough 2 Season 1 Chapter One So here I am, feeling a little reassured about my future here. (Realizing that Lorie is a vampire but mistaken as a little witch); I have to know!

Big and the Diva. RSS Feed Widget. Generally in story telling, Vampires come in two categories; those that you can actually respect that possess style, dignity, and enough power to compete with the Energizer Bunny in a marching band, and then those you don’t want to be seen in public with due to their irritating cartoon like personality, although Count Chocula is okay in my book. How could anyone with so much chocolaty goodness not be awesome?

This part of the guide is dedicated to making the ultimate evil vampire that you can be proud of. Although all of the NPC Counts and Countessas in the game are of pleasure seeker aspiration, the ultimate vampire is a knowledge aspiring sim. Why is that? Well, it’s simple – knowledge aspiring sims are evil. Sure, Maxis will tell you otherwise, but we know better than that with their constant want to see dead people and bring back zombies n’ stuff.

If a knowledge sim has become a vampire they’ll have specific wants to see other sims, most likely with high relationships as vampires, along with the usual “Bite Neck” want. Along with that, they’ll actually have fears of being cured of vampirism, if that doesn’t say that they are dead and loving it, nothing will!

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Side Cases are basically extra side missions you can participate in throughout the game for extra money and SP. There are 50 total Side Cases in Judgment. None of them are missable and they can all be completed after the main story in Premium Adventure. They have various prerequisites to being able to do them, mostly related to reputation level from befriending people around Kamurocho, and the final two Side Cases require befriending all 50 people.

After tailing him you need to a take a picture of him and the other women entering the red brick hotel. You then have to tail the women after they exit the hotel. Once you finish tailing her you head back to the office to talk to the client and end the case. He runs a real estate company on East Shichifuku Street, which you should head over to. He says he schemed the husband in exchange for keeping his cheating secret after the wife hired him, and offers to use the picture you took of the husband to blackmail him more and split the payout.

Choose whichever option you want, I opted for no. He then attacks you along with a group of thugs, who you can promptly mop the floor with as you are the superior detective. He has you stay the night to try and find out what the deal is.


The story was released on 23 December and has a total of 20 chapters. Although your bond with the Blood King continue to strengthen, the plans to make the residents of the Garden and the Birdcage coexist peacefully have not been progressing so smoothly. This is a world where vampires, humans and vampire hunters live. A world where differing opinions intertwine….

The game also has included bad endings throughout the chapters.

In hindsight, I probably should have made a ‘default’ love interest, so you could majority of the complaints are usually referring to “Why can’t I date Damien? Those are the walkthroughs for each romance, should work out.

Luckily, you got a positive answer, and later on, you went to prepare for the party. However, there is a waiting period of three hours before the party starts. Now is the perfect time to look at the remaining time on the adventure. If it is anything less than five hours, you might want to use some gems to speed things up. Otherwise, you should be able to complete the adventure in time. While some dialogues are different from the other characters, the story will play out the same for the most part.

You will have two options to respond with. Doing so requires earning five stars within three hours. Since all of the stars are needed to pass, avoid starting this task if you are out of energy. However, before you get the chance to say much, Lockhart will take out his wand and cast Obliviate. There are two options to choose from. None of these will have any significant impact on the story, so feel free to pick the one you prefer.

[Walkthrough] Vampire Boyfriend Plus: Tamaki x Mutsumi

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Walkthrough & Strategy Guide An alluring vampire covered in blood, Bloodless uses the crimson blood to throw He also has elemental attacks that can be very deadly if you’re not careful. Fish List · 【​Avengers Game】Beta Guide – Release Date / Time Schedule.

As with any walkthrough, you run the risk of spoilers. Proceed at your own risk. You need points to reach the happy ending. If you rely on even the best free answers, you will only be able to obtain the bad ending. If you follow this walkthrough, you can gain points freely. You will need to make up the difference of points with diamond purchases. For choices that will guarantee you CGs:. It does not come free with reaching the happy ending. This has not be fully tested and will not be considered so until this disclaimer is removed.